Friday, January 31, 2014

Which Outfit Do We like Best?

Baby, You Are Beautiful...But Here is a Face Mask to Wear

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Round Glasses Will be Even a Hotter Trend Come Summer

    He and the rest of the people in the know, have been buying up round framed glasses for months now, why? Because round glasses are going to be all over the streets come Summer 2014.

    P.S. Small girls with huge bags will never go out of style.Source URL:
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Chick Means Business...But is Still a Big Time HottHe

    For anyone wants to say, wah wah this picture wasn't taken recently. Fuck you! It's single digits outside, not exactly prime Fashion Season for taking pictures. So brilliant He stocks up for days like this.

    Anyway, good looking chick, needs to step up her shoe game a little bit, and wipe that puss off her face, not sure what is going wrong in her life, but making the pages of Fashion by He for being a HottHe will definitely turn that frown upside down.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shoe of the Week...Ego and Greed

    She's big, bad, and not to be messed with. Heel height approx 10". Platform height approx 6".
    When the world comes out with a 10"  wedge you better believe He is all over it. Think of all the kitten heels and kitten heel wearing girls you could walk all over in these. Boom, these Jenny Wedges are a  must have for summer, you heard it here first.

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HottHe of the Week...Andrea

    Meet Andrea, stylish good things come in small packages. Love the style and the different looks that Andrea gives us. Need more posts out of Andrea because He is quickly becoming obsessed. Check out more of this HottHe on her blog.

    How would you describe your style?My style varies every day, it all depends on the mood I'm in when I wake up! Outfits and looks are also based on what I'm doing throughout the day... One day I'm scheduled for a meeting with my editor, and the next I'm at a shoot all day long.

    Who is your Style Icon? There are various women whose styles I adore -Olivia Palermo, Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller, and Carine Roitfeld. They each represent their own personalities through their clothes; their impeccable yet distressed, unique, take on fashion is very influential.

    Favorite item you own? I don't think I can pick a favorite item in my closet... They're all my favorite!

    Who are your Favorite Designers?  As far as designers, I admire the young and veterans! Anything Wang, Chanel, Valentino, The Row, Celine, Balenciaga, and Proenza Schouler will capture my heart forever!"

    HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waist Down Test Proves RIGHT Yet Again...

    Another edition of guess if she is hot or not judging the waist down. As previously proven here on FbyHe, you can 100% know if a girl is going to look good and have good style based upon the waist down look. He can guarantee this is a HottHe: ankle cleavage, ankle strap heels, this is a grade A type outfit. Anyone choose to disagree?

    Check out the full outfit after the break...

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Aerie's New "Untouched" Campagin

    The fashion world absolutely LOVES the tall and skinny girls and that isn't likely to change anytime soon. However, many companies are now beginning to embrace a new approach towards society's beauty ideal, learning to accept other looks and body types.

    Aerie just came out with a new campaign where they photoshoot real woman with the hashtag #AerieReal. The whole point behind this shoot is to show off the average girl, without touching her up and airbrushing her body.

    She loves this idea! Yes, tall lanky girls are awesome, but there is not one specific definition for beauty.
    Let's embrace variety.
    - SheSource URL:
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Stopped on 5th Avenue...

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammy's...Best and Worst Dressed

    Paris Hilton and  Taylor Swift

    Unfortunately the top two best dressed dressed are two of the worst people. Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton. When you look good you good good, He puts all past hate aside and judges completely independent. The one good thing about Taylor Swift, is she is a tall girl who wears tall heels, but god damn as soon as that girl opens her mouth, He hates her again. Nice to see Paris Hilton trying to be relevant yet again, she must absolutely HATE the Kardashians and all the TV attention they are getting, that was suppose to be her and her family.

    Other BEST DRESSED...
     Anna Kendrick...A+ Boobs.
    Colbie Caillat - Best dressed but only because there weren't that many good options
    Chrissy Teigen - Cool chick and she always looks gorgeous. 
    Nicole Trunfio - No clue who she is


    Anna Faris - Meth Head
    Chrisette Michelle - Is this a color by numbers dress?

    Sarah Hyland - Such a boxy dress, do you even have a good body under there? No one would ever know
    Skylar Grey - Skin tight, skin colored latex dress? Probably time for a new stylist.Source URL:
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Scrunchy Socks Are Very 90s...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Everyone Stop Overreacting to Joanna Krupa's Sheer Dress...

    Not quite sure the big deal about Joanna Krupa's Sheer Dress, it covers everything, and a sheer dress that shows off skin is not some revolutionary idea that we haven't seen before.

    REALLY unsure as to why we get so SHOCKED when a celebrity with a good body shows off some skin or wears something revealing. Have you been out in NYC or LA lately? 99% of the girls in this country are showing off more ass and tits on a nightly basis, yet our celebrities do it and its a big deal? At least the majority of the celebrities look good when they do it, 99% of the girls doing it nightly look like crap.

    Here are just a few similar dresses that were not nearly as "shocking"..

    Jaimie Alexander is pretty much the exact same dress
    Gwyneth Paltrow probably didn't wear underwear with this sheer dress.

    Anne Hathaway tried to be sexy

    Carmen Electra was pretty much naked
    Jennifer Metcalfe looked insanely sexy

    Destiny's Child chick tried to be relevant again...Source URL:
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hottest Trend You've Never Heard of... "The Butt Grab" Pose

    You want earth shattering news. The Butt Grab Pose is the single greatest and hottest post of the internet that no one is talking about. He 100% made up the name for the pose but since no one else has claimed it, the King of Fashion strikes again. Had to do a long and hard search up and down the Cheeky Bottom Tumblr to make this post happen.

    The Science behind "The Butt Grab" Pose is simple, you want to make the bottom butt check lines more visible, give a little lift, which in turn makes your ass look perkier, nicer, and more enjoyable to all viewers. Cheeky Bottom bikinis required.

    F*ck the Bikini Bridge, The Butt Grab Pose is He's favorite.

     The Classic

     The Man Hands
    The Double Whammy
    The One Hander
    The Cinch Up
    The Double Fister
    The Helping Hand
    The Pull and Lift
    The Big Booty Squeeze
    The Two Finger
    The Cupper

    More pictures after the break...



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