Monday, October 14, 2013

Biscayne Bay Columbus Day Regatta 2013...HUGE COLLECTION OF PICS

    He took another trip down to Miami for the Biscayne Bay Columbus day Regatta 2013, "Ain't no ass like a Miami Ass." Here are of course the billion cheeky bottom pictures, in case you are into that sorta thing. Grab a boat and see ya down there next year...He will bring the beads.

    P.S. Thanks to King'ship for hosting He, always an awesome time!!
    P.P.S. These are just all creepy pictures of girls in bikinis, if you don't want to see, or weren't at the Regatta, your loss, He is going to post these anyway for those who want to enjoy, to enjoy, so enjoy!
     girl in bikini biscayne bay florida
    girl doing yoga in bikini
    girls dancing on boat
    man with dildo in his bathing suit
    girl in white bikini checking out her assgirl in white bikini dancing on boat
    black bikini cheeky bottom girl on boat
    Biscayne Bay Columbus Day Regatta 2013
    spanish girl with big ass cheeky thong bikini
    girls partying on boat regatta
    white boy shorts great ass
    girl in blue cheeky bottom bikini on boat
    palm tree tattoo girl in bikini
    girl in wig on boat
    blonde girl in bikini
    girl on boat in white bikini bottom great ass
    spanish girl dancing on boat at Biscayne Bay Columbus Day Regatta 2013
    swan inflatable raft
    topless girl at Biscayne Bay Columbus Day Regatta 2013
    couple making out in the water
    guy arrested at Biscayne Bay Columbus Day Regatta 2013
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