Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear Diary...How Do You Like My Underwear?

    Well folks we knew this type of underwear was out there, it was just a matter of time before He found it. If the real Vajazzle costs too much, guess you can always go with the underwear, not sure its the same sexy affect, but hey so is life. Guess these are humorous underwear, not original or overly sexy, but still good for a small ha ha.
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Apple Bottoms Jeans...Boots with the Tape?!?

    Wait...What? That ain't right. If you can afford a full length fur jacket, odds are you can cough off the cash for a new pair of snow shoes. Duct taping the heels of your shoes to keep them dry or to cover up a whole is not gonna work so well. Come on NYC, He knows its snowy and wet, but we can do better then this.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nine Dresses - Endless Possiblities...

    Over a year ago, He introduced you to the Emami Dress at that time it was 1 dress with endless possibilities. Well Emami has expanded to a full line of dress that all have limitless possibilities, videos available to help walk you through how to wear them. He decided to feature this dress again, mainly because you women can never make up your minds on what to wear, thought Emami would help solve that problem. Now can you bring one dress with you and pick the style to wear it that best fits your mood. No more lugging around huge bags with multiple outfits, or standing in front of a closet for 3 hours. "Thank You He!"
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The Most Disturbing FbyHe Post Ever...

    Browsing through Etsy the other day and came across these Congratulations Mrs.... its a Girl Cranberry fingerless gloves and almost lost it. Are these not the most repulsive things ever made? He gives a lot of people who can hand make stuff, more power to them, He is not gonna even start to try and sew these type of things together, but then again maybe the person who made these should put down the sewing machine as well. Not a fan of these, who would be, but the Etsy designer has a lot more fingerless gloves to choose from, unfortunately the ones featured above are the most stomach churning.
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Not a Bad Look, Just Weird Jeans...

    Alright, almost a good outfit here. He isn't into smokers, but whatever it is what it is. The real question is why or where do you get jeans with print on them? They don't look good at all. Sorry, but He doesn't want to read a comic book on your jeans, that's not a good look at all.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shoe of the Week....TaylorSays

    It has been a long long time since He has seen something this cool. Anyone that is considering buy new heels this holiday season needs to head right over to Taylor Says and check out her shoes first. Why wouldn't you buy these instead of a plain sparkle shoe for just a little bit more, your shoe instantly becomes a one of a kind. Taylor carries all different color shoes and styles. Can't really think of a better way to get comments and your shoes talked about then by getting a pair of these. He Approved.
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How Not to Stay Warm This Winter...

HottHe of the Week...Brianne

    Brianna is currently in the running for the Sunglass Hut Blogger Competition called "Full Time Fabulous." She is competing against 9 other women for a full time job (as their blogger), a salary of $100k, fashion week coverage in NYC, London, New York, Paris and Milan. He has decided since Brianne is a HottHe that He is going to throw He's full support behind her. Check out her Sunglass Hut Blog. If you can't win, pick someone who will and make them owe you something. That's what He always says, or is going to start saying that more. Anyway, no question Brianne is going to win this competition. She is hot, awesome style, and now officially has He's support, the rest of the ArmHe will soon join in.

    How would you describe your style? My style is VERY mixed; I adore high fashion but I am a realistic person, so I do a LOT of thrift shopping. I pride myself on being able to find amazing designers for $10 (Marc Jacobs, Alberta Ferretti, Diane Von Fursternberg, Christian Lacroix). I also am a huge vintage addict, so I find a lot of one-of-aa-kind pieces. Mix that all together, and you've got something like grandma-meets-modern-day vixen. And no one is every wearing the exact same outfit as me because my ensembles can't be duplicated!

    Favorite item you own? Currently, the favorite item I own is a mustard yellow Christian Lacroix blazer I got at the flea market by my apartment in NYC. I also have become quite obsessed with keys, so I buy a lot of vintage skeleton keys and wear them on a chain.

    Who are your favorite designers? My favorite designers include 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jonny Johansson (of ACNE), Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada (especially her Miu Miu collections for the past few seasons) and Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Oh, and Tom Ford circa the 1990s.

    HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.Source URL:
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

USA TODAY: Ugly underwear can ruin your day...

    USA TODAY: Women own an average of 21 pairs of underwear, and many say an ill-fitting or ugly pair can ruin their day, a new survey shows.

    "We know that bad hair days can affect women's moods, but who knew that bad underwear days could also ruin their day," says Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine, from the publisher of Consumer Reports. Their research center conducted a telephone survey of 1,008 women 18 and older about intimate apparel.

    Almost half of women (47%) say they feel sexier and more confident wearing a nice or special pair of panties. "The first thing we put on in the morning does make a difference in our day," Freeman says

    Among the findings reported in the January issue (
    •27% say their mood is affected by wearing an ill-fitting or unattractive pair of undies.
    •10% of women own 35 or more pairs.
    •65% buy neural colors, with white being the most popular, followed by black and beige.
    •Overall, 46% of women say briefs are the style they wear the most often. But women age 18-34 are more likely to wear the bikini style.
    •56% of women fold their panties; 27% just toss them in the drawer.
    •1 in 10 women admit that they will venture out of the house without underwear.
    •Half of women have complaints about the way their underwear fit, with "wedgies" (30%) topping that list, followed by "doesn't lay flat under clothes" (19%) and "not enough coverage in the rear" (14%).

    Here is the deal, every guy likes something different when it comes to underwear. He for instance likes a nice variety. A mix and match, keep He guessing. Other guys might like other things. But at the end of the day, you should feel f*cking hot when you put underwear on shouldn't you? Whether or not someone sees it. He knows for a fact every guy has a pair of underwear, his "go to" pair or it might be multiple pairs, that he knows are money. You ladies definitely have the same thing.
    -65% buy neural colors
    , really? He cannot even remember the last time He saw a girl in a white's almost gross to even think about.
    -46% of women say briefs are the style they wear, guess the thong really is dead :-(

    -List of complaints "not enough coverage in the rear" at 14%, how can that be a complaint? Can't you just buy uglier, more covering underwear, that are sure to make everyone that sees them sick?
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A Moment In...Fashion?!?!

    Unfortunately this brand A Moment In... has one of the hardest to navigate websites in the world. Why you would design a website in which its next to impossible to see the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is beyond He's understanding. He would think you would want to make it easy for people to see your work, and hell even write blog posts about it. But what does He know, He is after all only the King of Fashion. So all He could really find are these Holiday pics really the best part are the textured leggings. Hard to see, but they are styled over the wedges, its a look He has featured before but a reminder never hurts. Rarely do you see girls pull the leggings over the heels or wedges, but when its done right, looks real good.

    P.S. These pictures are from Revolve Clothing, the same site that featured Allie Crandell, the super skinny model. Apparently after reading the article on FbyHe they decided to give her a hot dog and remove her from the site. Keep your head up Allie, He would still love to take you out to dinner.Source URL:
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We Are Not Animals...Don't Act Like it!

    These little Fur Ear Accessories are so ridiculously annoying. There is no nee to strap on fake ears of any type animal. It's not cute, it's not adorable, you just look stupid and childish. Get over yourself and put on a hat.
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Wayyy Too Much Wrong With This Picture...

Monday, December 27, 2010

He Gives Up...Let's Make it a Snow Day!

    Not the strongest day of blogging ever from FbyHe, but hey it's a f*cking snow day what do you expect. Even Kings like to play in the snow! If you are from the NorthEast get outside and enjoy the snow, act like you're a 5 year old, live it up, because tomorrow, we are back to business as usual. That includes back to looking good.
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Why Hide What We All Want?

    INCOQNITO creates discreet, high quality instruments of pleasure. At first glance, many of the items are elegant pieces of jewelery handcrafted with fine materials. Specially designed for use at your own discretion, these items are also objects to enhance your sexual pleasure. Daytime wear gracefully evolves into nighttime arousal, each item in our collection alludes to a different evocative experience.

    Well Sign He Up. Everyone loves sex, so why not wear a little piece of jewelry that can add to it. Here is a list of what is featured in the pictures above. Isn't it great to know you have a little hidden secret that no one else knows about.

    Leather Handcuffs
    Stylish cuff bracelets crafted from fine leather double as handcuffs for a dose of risqué fun.

    Dropplet Necklace - A pair of discreet nipple vibrators on a 43” stainless steel chain fashioned from fine metals allows for the ultimate lustful experience.

    Lash Belt - An adjustable belt that transforms in to a sexy whip.

    Blade Necklace - Make a bold statement with this daring blade sculpted from hand cut glass for use as an instrument for sensation.Source URL:
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No way to look good in this....

    14+ inches of snow, over 8 foot snow drifts, He doesn't care what you wear on a day like this. No one looks good after this much snow. Oh and the 30 mph winds feel great on the face.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas...

    Merry Christmas!

    And to the people of the ArmHe around the world...
    miilaad majiid
    Vasel Koleda
    joyeux Noël
    glædelig jul
    fröhliche Weihnachten
    veselé Vánoce
    kala xristougenna
    felix dies Nativitatis
    meri kurisumasu
    Wesolych Swiat
    boldog Karácsonyt
    buon Natale
    un Crãciun fericit
    feliz Natal
    Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva!
    god jul
    feliz Navidad
    Noeliniz kultu olsunSource URL:
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Does Anyone Actually Wear a Thong Bodysuit?

    We have been seeing these non stop ads by American Apparel for their thong bodysuits. So here is the question He has long been wanting to know. Does anyone actually buy and or wear these thong bodysuits? He is a HUGE bodysuit fan, very sexy item. Just not sure if when He sees a bodysuit if its a thong version or a regular style, obviously the thong version would seem hotter in He's head. But is a thong body suit even realistic or is AA just wasting time with these? He needs to put this to a vote, are the ladies of the ArmHe actually wearing thong bodysuits or just regular bodysuits. Want to be featured on He in your bodysuit? Send bodysuit pics to
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New Camera...Take 1

    Well He has upgraded Fashion by He without many of you even knowing. He went out and bought a new Nikon camera, and here is the first picture He has taken with it. Anyone interested in being in front of the He-lense, just email He. Anyway back to the picture at hand, not sure where those wedges are from but they are pretty f*cking cool, wish He had gotten a better close up of them. The shoes are so cool that He is totally going to ignore the weird jacket and the panda hat/scarf thing that are all the rage right now.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gifts for the Men...Ideas from Professionals!

    2011 is already bringing big things Fashion by He's way and its still only 2010. One of the big things will be a collaboration between Fashion by He and Men's Wearhouse. As a prequel to the big things coming He thought this would be a good time to do a mini holiday gift guide for the men in the ArmHe, or for the ladies who need ideas for the men in their lives. All members of the ArmHe should feel free to send He holiday gifts.
    Holiday Tips from the Experts at Men's Wearhouse:

    1. Layering and luxury fabrics: Classic layering is definitely in this winter, with a laid-back and versatile feel. Keep the cold out with a dress shirt paired with a 100 percent cashmere V-neck sweater or a faux-suede sport coat for a more casual winter look. A vintage zip-front Sherpa collar sweater can add a shot of rugged to jeans or khakis, as well as an added boost of warmth.
    2. Mix and match with color: Whether his style is trendy or understated, try menswear in dark earth tones, shades of purple, and classics such as navy, charcoal, and black. Pairing separates like a charcoal wool trouser with a black sport coat allows for flexibility with items he may already have — simply make it fresh with a new shirt or coordinating tie in a jewel-tone accent.
    3. Business by day, party by night: Looks that can easily transition from work to evening are great for the man on the go. Wearing a dark, pinstriped wool suit with flat-front trousers can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Spice up the look with paisley ties or incorporate unusual colors to make a drab winter day more colorful. The perfect stocking stuffer, ties are a fun way to express a man’s personality without a major investment (neckwear prices start at $19.99).
    Click read more to read more after the break.

    4. Modern military: Military-inspired looks are all the rage this winter. Look for sharp military apparel such as buttons, exposed zippers, and shoulder detail with epaulets and stitching. Try a gunmetal gray no-iron shirt from Joseph Abboud with flat-front navy wool slacks.
    5. Designer denim: Dark denim is ideal for casual workdays or weekends, making it a comfortably stylish and always versatile gift. In addition to offering a vast selection of leading brands in formalwear and suits, Men’s Wearhouse offers a variety of designer jeans, including Lucky, Buffalo, and Pronto Uomo.
    6. Slimmer fits: A growing trend this winter is a modern slimmer-fitting suit. The two-button, side-vent, flat-front suit is the top choice right now and can be flattering for most men. Try top brands such as Calvin Klein, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger.

    If you're looking for designer t shirts this season, then visit Superdry where they have a good selection available online. Their tees are worn by personalities such as David Beckham and Zac Efron.Source URL:
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Fire Fly...Not a Belt To Wear...

    As if Fanny Packs weren't bad enough, now you can get your very own Fire or Fly fanny pack to look even more ridiculous. It is being sold as a belt, but there is no way this isn't a fanny pack. Ya ain't "Fly" if you wearing one of these, this He knows for sure.
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Lessons in Buying Christian Louboutin...

    Christian Louboutin is rolling over where he is right now, or at least he should be. There is no reason for him to be making, let alone for anyone to be buying Christian Louboutin that have a small heel. Of course you shouldn't buy any shoe with a small heel, but that's not the point of the story. The point is that He thinks if you are going to buy a Christian Louboutin heel you have to go high with them. Obviously you would first buy the black pump, and then after you have that you can expand your collection. But the collection should never include a small heel like this. Doesn't the small red heel go defunct and lose its purpose when it can't be seen? The high heel allows others to see the red bottom, these are cheap and gross looking.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shoe of the Week...Camilla Skovgaard

    There wasn't really a question this week, probably one of the easier Shoe of the Week picks He has had to make in a while. Camilla Skovgaard Spring Summer Collection is awesome, the fall collection was insanely hot, and it doesn't look like there is anything standing in the way for next year either. More high heels and jagged edges, there is very very little that He doesn't like about Camilla Skovgaard heels.

    Click here to Enter the LuminoGlow Lingerie Giveaway
    (glow in the dark lingerie)

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Here is to Another Overpriced Bra...

    The Ultimo ‘Diamond Back Miracle Bra’ is adorned with 32 brilliant-cut, white 1 carat diamonds that form the backstrap

    Sorry folks, but this is an item He isn't going to be able to get as a Giveaway item. Just another ridiculously expensive Diamond Bra invented to keep you women out there wanting more, making us men work harder to try and get it for you. The cycle never ends.

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HottHe of the Week...Paige

    "My hobbies are collecting outstanding speeding tickets, online shopping, and being completely inappropriate." How can you not like a girl who collects speeding tickets? He likes Ricky Bobby and He likes Paige. The best part about this HottHe of the Week post He does, is that these girls work their best assets week in and week out. Paige happens to have amazing legs, so bam, nine pictures and no one that doesn't show off the goods. More importantly, well not more, but equally, He says this all the time "He likes a tall girl in tall heels." Paige is the first Cali HottHe and He is proud to say Cali brought the heat this week, Paige is He Approved.

    How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as put-together chic, similar to that of a Kardashian or Lauren Conrad. I have tried to be edgy or bohemian at times, but I never fully achieve the effortless beauty of the Olsen twins. I try to mix expensive, timeless pieces with more trendy, inexpensive items. I am fortunate to live in a city where vintage shopping is very accessible, so I take full advantage of that and frequent the vintage boutiques quite often to get one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will have.

    Favorite item you own? The favorite item I own would be a vintage 1980's quilted black Chanel crossbody. It was my Yia-Yia's (greek for Grandmother) and it was graciously passed down to me when she passed away. It is one of the most effortlessly chic items I have ever owned, and it can dress up any humdrum outfit.

    Who are your favorite designers? My favorite designers are Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Marchesa, Matthew Williamson, Adam, Joie, Mara Hoffman, Elizabeth & James, and Leifsdottir.

    HE Needs More HottHes? Non-Bloggers and Bloggers wanted, please be Hot and Stylish and most importantly He Approved. Send your name, facebook link, and where you are from to or Add He as a Facebook Friend.Source URL:
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